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Who is dug Nap and what does he do?
Watch this video and find out!

dug Nap performing his original monologue, "The Model I Met at Kinko's"
at the Cabin Fever Follies in Waitsfield, VT, April 2009.

In addition to more formal performances, dug Nap sometimes performs
at local coffee house open mics and can occasionally be seen reading
poetry on the Church Street Marketplace on summer nights.

An excerpt from dug Nap's monologue, "My Imaginary Girlfriend"
performed at studio STK in Burlington, Vermont.

"My Imaginary Girlfriend" is part of a series of monologues chronicling
the life of Bob Klink. dug Nap is currently working on a new
Bob Klink monologue.

dug reading a bedtime story to Cristin and Marla on Church street.